About the Artist

Lucien F.A. van Oosten was born on the island of Java, Indonesia of Dutch parents. During the Socialist uprising in Indonesia, at the age of two, his parents were forced to leave the Islands and move to The Netherlands. After living in The Netherlands for five years, they immigrated to America in 1957. Once in the United States, his family took residency in the community of Pasadena, located in Southern California. Lucien became a naturalized citizen in 1968. Lucien and his wife live in Glendora, which is nestled at the base of the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California.

During his childhood, he went on his many hikes through the San Gabriel Mountains augmented by visits to local zoos, aquariums and nature centers, where his keen fascination with nature’s splendor was established. This fascination is expressed by the depiction of the various animals throughout his artwork. The great owl, the agile hawk, and the delicate seahorse all stand in testament of Lucien’s ability to capture the beauty and elegance of nature’s inhabitants.

At the age of two, his creative side was exposed when he took a bottle of black India ink and poured it over his parent’s new couch. Another incident at an early age, his parents bought him a paint-by-numbers set, which he painted outside the lines and created his first painting.

Lucien’s command of both the chroma and chromatic techniques are eloquently depicted in the beautiful pieces of artwork he has created. Lucien is proficient in pencil, colored pencil, pen/ink and mixed media drawing techniques. One of his favorite styles of drawing is pointillism. Lucien uses this technique and others to create subject study sketches from which he creates his paintings. 

Lucien is currently employed as a Senior Design Specialist for an aviation life support company. He wrote and illustrated a technical paper on creating a composite model airplane using a mold design by scaling down an artist’s rendering of a conceptual aircraft fuselage. The Society of Plastics Engineers gave Lucien an award for this innovative paper and published it in their 1987 Convention Directory.

Lucien’s work has been exhibited in numerous venues over the years. His work has appeared in publications such as “Litrus Literature and Art Anthology” published by Citrus College, in 2002. This Publication shows the juried works of talented students; Lucien had three pieces selected for publication. His works have also appeared on the cover of “Bits and Bridle”, an equestrian magazine published in Santa Barbara.

In 2004, Lucien was honored by the Dean and faculty of the Art Department at Citrus College and was given a certification for outstanding achievement in the Arts. Currently, Lucien has been expressing his artist abilities by creating his images using the media of acrylic and oil paint. His numerous creative interests have caused him to express himself in all types of media and mixed media as the galleries on his website (mijnimages.com) will attest. 


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