I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following diver photographers for allowing me to use their photographic images as the inspiration for my many coral creature subject study sketches and paintings:

Ken Knezick
Jeff Jeffords
Ian Skipworth
Garry McCarthy
Roberto Sozzani
Kathleen and Delf Hedde

As you will notice through out the galleries, there is mention of these wonderfully kind people when a painting was inspired by their photography.

In addition I would like to thank all the art instructors I have had over the years at many community colleges I have attended, especially Robert Bullock for his soft spoken kind words, patience and easy way of leading me into new area’s without me realizing it at the time. To Maryann Rachford for her great enthusiasm, encouragement and support; Dyane Duffy for her easy going manner and for encouraging my interest in painting, and Susan Southwick for introducing me to Ray Dream, Mark Wessel for all the information on color, and all those that have helped me over the years each one has given me something that I seem to use regularly as I create my works of art.

In addition to all those already mentioned I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family. My wife for her help in proof reading my show programs, my daughters Shauna, Vanessa, Morgan and my son-in-laws Jim and Bob for all their kind words and encouragement over the years as I followed my desire to become an artist. Your support and enthusiasm of my work was and is greatly appreciated beyond what these mere words could express. And this acknowledgement would not be complete without saying thanks to my Mom – you’ve always been there with a gentle hand and a kind word and it’s not gone unnoticed. And my newest inspiration, my Grandson Andrew, who is a wonder to behold, I love you all!

Thanks all.


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