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"Lucien's work is outstanding. he is totally dedicated to his artistic endeavors and this is apparent. he is mastering multiple mediums and I'm certain he will become increasingly successful in the art world. it has been my pleasure to see his growth and expansion in this area, but, most of all, i have been inspired by his passion and creativity. He has become a totally dedicated master artist and i am looking forward to watching his continuing progression and success in this field. My congratulations and 'hats off' to him. Keep me posted as to what's up & where there are more openings."

--Bye & God Bless--
Professor of Computer-Aided Design and Drawing,
Citrus College

The art of Lucien Van Oosten, recently displayed at Coldwell Banker Millennium during the June 10 “Art on the Avenue” event in Glendora, California, combined an engineer’s attention to detail with the sure eye
of the artist.

Van Oosten’s subjects were largely from the animal kingdom – fish, birds, frogs, the great cats – and whether working in pencil, pen and ink, or watercolor, he utilized the medium to bring out the subtleties that made each subject unique. The fierce eye of the falcon, the shadowy dappling of a frog’s skin, and the soft play of color across a snow leopard’s face were presented to the viewer in a way that was very realistic but by no means sterile.

Whether black-and-white or color, Lucien’s art was impressive, a visual treat that was among the highlights of “Art on the Avenue.”

Nancy Gorman

Your paintings and drawings blew me away. I had no idea that you were an artist, let alone such a GOOD artist. It's clear you are a perfectionist. Now I know why we were so pleased with your work on our program. I wish you the greatest of success in your new endeavor.


"This was my first Art Walk and I would wholly encourage anyone who has not done an Art Walk to go. Not only do you get to see the art work but you get to meet and talk with the artists. It was a casual atmosphere with entertainment, shopping and eating while strolling the quaint downtown area of Glendora. I got to learn what inspires the artist and with Lucien, I love his choice of subject - wildlife. I especially enjoyed his sea life pieces and in particular the Pygmy Seahorse. My husband, Rick and I just returned from vacation and had actually seen real pygmy seahorses at the Seattle Aquarium. Of course, they were really, really small and Lucien was able to capture them beautifully. I can't wait for the next Art Walk, thanks for inviting me Lucien!"

Debby Ruth

We are really impressed by the artist website. Very impressive! Shirley likes it also.

M. Johnson


This is a spectacular piece with a great concept and design. The partial view of the lions' face draws the viewer into the artwork and portrays the mystery and intensity that the lion possesses. The darker shading around the eye creates a dramatic feel. The artist creates the illusion of the lion with the partial face by defining the areas that the viewer see with amazing use of contrast between light and dark shading of the eye, nose and mouth. This piece is definitely "Intense".

Aubrey Simther

The website is great!! I've seen most of your sea paintings before, and I still love them, but the snow leopard is beautiful!! I enjoyed your choices of media for that piece.


It looks like you are coming along very nicely with your artwork... especially the paintings. Very strong work indeed. The site itself is appropriate and effective... easy to navigate and it shows off your artwork nicely without going too over the top. Great stuff.

B. Jones

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